Wandering IPs - real-time visualization of your TCP connections. Author: Marek Jablonski
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Version history:

1.5.8 (3-Oct-2013) - Fixed Google Maps API error message [download]

1.5.7 (20-Jul-2010) - Fixed bug thet caused program to crash when there were no open ports on a computer

1.5.6 (30-Jun-2010) - Added possibility to export analyzed file to IP and their geographical coordinates list. Fullscreen mode is back for Vista/7. 

1.5.5 (10-Jun-2010) - TCP connections can now be logged to a file. Minor improvements and bugfixes.

1.5.4 (5-May-2010) - Added possibility to mark locations/play sound alert when connecting to servers located in certain ("rogue") countries.  Main program functions can now be accessed via keyboard (see help for details). Connections table window improvement. 

1.5.3 (10-Apr-2010) - GUI changes to deal with non standard DPI resolutions. Attempt to make database wizard more foolproof.

1.5.2 (21-Mar-2010) - WHOIS server changed to faster one. Routes can now be examined (they do not disappear when clicked; bring pop up menu instead)

1.5.1 (21-Feb-2010) - New option that allows to search any text file for IP addresses. It can be used to extract and visualize IP addresses stored in firewall logs, e-mail messages and html files. IPv6 addresses are NOT supported. 

1.4.8 (5-Feb-2010) - Initial Google Map type and zoom level can now be set by user. There are 5 map types (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, Physical and 3D) to choose from. 3D map reguires Google Earth Plugin to be installed on your computer.

1.4.7 (28-Jan-2010) - Changes in Setup Wizard to allow greater precision when setting home location.

1.4.6 (12-Jan-2010) - Added support for Google Maps.

1.4.2 (27-Nov-2009) - Line smoothing worked incorrectly on systems equipped with dual core processors. It is now hopefully fixed.

1.4.1 (16-Nov-2009) - Further workarounds adressing WGL_ARB_pbuffer problem; Added internal line smoothing routines - no need to force antialiasing in your graphic card properties anymore.

1.3.9 (28-Sep-2009) - Program refused to load texture on systems which did not support WGL_ARB_pbuffer OpenGL extension - fixed. Workaround to prevent clipping windows content/icons when entering implant mode. 

1.3.8 (19-Sep-2009) - Labels enhancement. New option: window content can now be saved as JPEG image at given time  interval. Images may then be used to create animation showing your network traffic, show locations of your visitors etc.

1.3.5 (26-Jul-2009) - Connection Table functionality enhancement (click right mouse button to select row and bring up popup menu in one go). Some minor bugfixes. 

1.3.4 (13-Jul-2009) - New option: nature and purpose of processes can be examined online using Uniblue's free process library. New option: whois domain name lookup for remote IP. Slightly enhanced Connections Table which, from  now on, includes geolocation information for ALL (not restricted to 5) TCP connections.

1.3.1 (5-Jul-2009) - New option: possibility to terminate processes that opened the ports. New option: Connection Table can now be saved to file (HTML format). 

1.2.9 (20-Jun-2009) - Fixed minor flaw that caused button panel to go off-screen on desktops with vertical resolution below 1024 pixels. Connection Table was filled with garbage when opened while internal TCP/UDP monitor was disabled - fixed. Connection table is from now on refreshed manually. Introduced new option that allows to close unwanted TCP connections.

1.2.7 (8-Jun-2009) - New function that allows to display the table of all currently opened TCP/IP and UDP ports on your local computer. Wandering IP icon has been added to system tray. 

1.2.3 (12-May-2009) - Improved handling of duplicate records in GeoLiteCity database. Routes were plotted incorrecty on certain systems - fixed.

1.2.2 (28-Apr-2009) - Connection owner process name was not displayed on Vista - fixed. Font attributes were not saved - fixed. Home location is now editable via configuration wizard. 

1.2.1 (18-Apr-2009) - Added detailed info (local & remote IP, open ports, process name, state) about connections. 

1.1.9 (26-Mar-2009) - Database cleanup. Adjustable globe rotation speed. 

1.1.1 (20-Feb-2009) - Further GUI enhancements. Added database update feature.

1.0.8 (30-Jan-2009) - added possibility to load IP list from file. GUI enhancements.

1.0.1 (14-Jun-2008) - initial release

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