MP Format (Multi Picture Format) is a format standardized by CIPA to handle multiple images under a single image file.




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MPO  Explorer is a simple Windows application that allows you to preview and extract JPEG images stored in .mpo (Multiple Picture) files.

Download MPO Explorer (version 1.1; 350 KB ZIP archive, just unpack and run, no need to install)

Command line usage:

MPOexp infile [destination folder] [ODD|EVEN]

infile: a .mpo image file

destination folder: a folder where images stored in .mpo file are extracted to (when not specified images are extracted to source folder). Remember to use quotes when input file or destination folder have spaces in their names.

ODD|EVEN: extracts full sized images (ODD) or camera preview images (EVEN) which are stored in .mpo file. When not specified all images are extracted.

When started without parameters OR one or more parameters are invalid MPO explorer switches into GUI mode:

GUI usage:

MPO Explorer GUI

Unlike command line in GUI mode there is a possibility to preview images stored in .mpo file. Double click on certain position on the listview to show corresponding image or right click for popup menu. You also can enable a Windows Explorer context menu entry for .mpo files which will allow you to extract images from .mpo files with minimum hassle. Once context menu is activated you should not move application to another folder.

I was using Ricoh CX3 .MPOs to test this little app. If you encounter any problems while procesing image files created with different camera models do not hesitate to contact me.

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